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How to automate Installshield installer creation with CI tools like Jenkins

In order to have automate installer creation using install shield, there is command/tool available with their license named as iscmbld.exe .You need to locate or find out the this tool under path where you have installer installshield. This tool will be under /System folder of installshield’s installed location.

Once you have created installer using installshield and able to build through GUI then you can build the same in jenkins like below using windows batch command-

rd /Q /S “Your Project/staging”
mkdir “Your Project/staging”
xcopy “Path to your project components\*” “Your Project\staging” /e /f /i

“E:\Program Files\Installshield2013\System\IsCmdBld.exe” -p “%WORKSPACE%\Your Project\Your Project.ism” -y %BUILDNO%

where, you can provide BUILDNO pre your project needs.

Basically, what does above program do is remove older staging folder, create empty staging folder, copy contents there and then build installer from there. You need to link your components to your staging folder in install shield project file.


Configuring LDAP with Jenkins and managing access through LDAP users/groups

In order to configure LDAP with Jenkins, you just need to install LDAP plugin and identify correct LDAP/Active Directory configuration which you can use within your org. and enable it. Below is my settings, which I have tested working –

Once these are enabled, you can start adding LDAP users/groups in roles based strategy and assign access.

Manger DN, I am using here which will connect to above Server and will search User base. This is very much required in case anonymous search is not enabled in AD.